Brand New WordPress Plugin Creator

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Ryan Rice has done it! This is JUST what I’ve been waiting to see. A WordPress plugin, that actually creates new WordPress plugins! This generator gives you a WIDE range of the possible features to add to your custom plugins.

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Wp Shortcode Creator Pro

You can use this tool right from your WordPress dashboard, to generate plugins that you can give away or sell to build your business. With it’s simple point and click interface, you can actually create your first plugin today!

Watch the Wp Shortcode Creator Demo Video Here >>

The WpInterstitial Ads Plugin

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The WpInterstitial Ads plugin is a one of a kind plugin that allows blog owners to show highly immersive interstitial ads on any WordPress powered site.

These ads can be used to direct traffic to any page on your blog, or any outside offer. This can be free trials, CPA offers, subscriptions, or anything else you want.

WpInterstitial Ads displays full page ads that can’t be missed. Ads are shown when a visitor first enters the website, for a number of seconds, (10 for example), set by the site owner.

This plugin is available with a full Developer License, which allows you to use it on unlimited sites that you own, as well as unlimited client sites.

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